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At Discount Tree Services, Inc. we will trim your trees, not your wallet. Our affordable tree trimming service in Miami FL is trusted by many residential and commercial property owners who want healthy, vibrant trees to really showcase the beauty of their yard. Tree trimming is a critical service in order for trees to stay healthy and to continue growing. Especially before the storm season, it is recommended to have your tree trimmed. Keeping them trimmed at regular intervals will help prevent weakened or dead branches from becoming a hazard. Proper tree maintenance will ensure the trees on your residential or commercial property are less likely to cause damage to nearby structures, cars, fences and power lines when stress is put on them.

Give Discount Tree Services, Inc. a call if your trees are overgrown and hanging over your roof, your home or even parking areas to keep your property safe. Our experienced and highly skilled team of tree trimmers have the ability to trim a variety of tree species found in the Miami area and to prune them to the best length for maximum health. When you require tree trimming in Miami Florida, you can depend on Discount Tree Services, Inc. to provide highest level of customer service and to keep your trees beautiful and healthy all year long.

Many homeowners will attempt to trim their trees, shrubs and bushes as oppose to hiring a company. Without the proper training or the right equipment, one could over-trim the tree which leads to the tree struggling to survive against severe weather conditions, invasive insects or diseases. By hiring a professional tree trimming company like us, we can trim and manipulate the branches away from powerlines and your home so they are not a threat and ensure they are at a good length for maximum health. If you have palm trees or Tabeuia trees in your yard, trimming the highest branches are nearly impossible without a professional tree trimmer. Our highly-skilled and trained trimmers have the capability of reaching the highest branches on the tallest trees. Attempting to trim these types of trees on your own is not worth the risk of injury or worse.

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Discount Tree Services, Inc. is a licensed and fully insured tree trimming company serving the Miami FL area. Our skilled tree trimmers have access to well-maintained equipment and tools so they can work safely and efficiently on your trees. We put a great deal of consideration into safety so you trust that our employees will work at the best of their ability and treat your property with the same level of dignity and respect as they would their own home.

For years, residential and commercial property owners have been extremely satisfied with our tree trimming services and have recommended us to their friends, families and colleagues. Our commitment to providing the best service and guaranteeing customer satisfaction is just some of the reasons we remain successful. Due to these referrals and good word of mouth, we have continued to grow steadily while still ensuring the same high level of tree trimming service our customers have come to expect.

There are many unique trees found on the properties throughout Miami and we treat each customer and their property individually to ensure they have the look they want while also providing the type of service needed to keep the trees healthy and strong. If you have any questions regarding the tree trimming services, we are happy to answer them all so you know exactly what to expect upon completion.

Miami Tree Trimming Service

When we give you an estimate for our work, you can trust that it will be the final cost without any hidden or additional fees. We will listen to your needs, make sure all your questions are answered, and ensure we have the equipment and expertise to trim the tree properly and how you want. Your satisfaction is the most important thing so if you have any issues with our service, please let us know immediately so we can resolve the problem. We are here to keep your trees as healthy and beautiful as can be.

When you need a tree service company in Miami FL you can trust for consistent excellent service year-after-year by highly-skilled and experienced tree trimmers, contact Discount Tree Services, Inc.

For questions about tree trimming or to schedule an appointment for a free estimate, call us at (305) 859-3745