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Are you looking for tree removal services in Miami? Then call Discount Tree Service of Miami! When you choose Discount Tree Service of Miami you can expect to receive the highest quality of tree care in the area.

Our owner, Alejandro Salgado, has a history of providing excellent tree trimming and tree removal services. You can rely on our certified and licensed crew to ensure your trees are trimmed properly so they have every opportunity to grow and thrive under the near-tropical environment we have in Miami.

If you need a tree or stump removed from your yard, we are happy to accommodate. We will keep your lawn in good shape and manage the removal with the utmost level of safety in mind. By emphasizing the importance of customer satisfaction as well as safety, we have found that our customers are eager to refer us to their family and friends who need tree trimming and tree and stump removal services.

Miami is absolutely gorgeous and is filled with beautiful homes near the Atlantic coast. Because of the storms and heat that cause stress on your trees, it is important to maintain the trees, shrubs and bushes on your property. With the heavy downpours in the summertime along with the sunny and hot days, the palm trees, Royal Poinciana trees, banyan trees and oak trees found on many of the properties can grow quickly which can lead to weakened branches.

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Hurricanes and tropical storms are common around Miami so we recommend having your trees trimmed before the hurricane season kicks up which is the first of June of each year. When a tree becomes overgrown, the branches can weaken and may even die.

When the violent storms pummel the Miami area, these weak or dead branches can break loose causing considerable damage to the tree itself as well as knock down power lines or cause property damage. If a tree is subjected to damage beyond repair, our team can provide tree removal services to ensure your property will still look good.

Give Discount Tree Services Inc. a call if you feel your tree is damaged from weakened branches, diseases or insects. When you schedule an appointment for an estimate for tree removal, our crew member will examine your tree and determine if it should be removed or if there is a chance for it to be saved.

If you want our tree services to alter the look of your property or if is too overgrown to manage and needs to be taken down, we would be happy to provide written estimate for the job of removal. Our estimate includes the full extent of the service and the final cost due upon completion.

You can expect that our team will arrive with professional-grade and maintained equipment so we can provide our trusted tree removal services at your Miami FL home. When we trim the tree or bring the tree down, we will always use the highest level of care and ensure your yard is cleaned up beautifully afterward.

Why Choose Discount Tree Service of Miami?

  • Over 20 years of experience in the Miami Florida area.
  • We offer reliable service at affordable prices.
  • We are licensed and insured in the state of Florida.
  • We are a locally-owned and operated tree care, tree trimming and tree removal company.
  • Emergency services are available if your tree has been severely damaged and you need it removed
  • We offer free, same-day estimates.

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Safety Is Our Top Priority On All Tree Removals

Our highly-skilled crew is committed to safety meaning we operate the best equipment and maintain the insurance and licenses required in the state of Florida. This is important to us because even our highly-trained crew members as well as you and your property need to be protected in the event of any accidents or damage that may incur while removing trees. Safety is important to our crew and customers and we believe in creating and working in the safest environment possible which is why we ensure that our experienced employees have the training necessary to operate the equipment and tools efficiently in order to complete any tree removal or stump removal services in Miami FL.

Tree Services in Miami FL

Tree removal can come with a few challenges depending on its location on the property. If branches have grown near power lines, the structure or the foundation of the home, it is important to have a tree removal company with the experience to bring down the tree the right way. You can trust our team to remove even the tallest, thickest trees on your residential or commercial property.

Tree removal and stump removal are considered two separate services because the equipment needed to complete each job is different. We offer both services and will be honest when providing the estimate for the work. Not all tree removal companies will make their potential customers aware because they either do not offer the stump removal or will offer the second service after-the-fact. Integrity is important to us so, with Discount Tree Services, Inc., you will always be dealing with an honest tree removal company.

As a locally owned and operated company, we are familiar with the variety of trees that need to be trimmed and removed in the Miami area.

Call Discount Tree Services, Inc. and discover why so many of our customers continuously put the trust of their trees into our crews’ hands.

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