Discount Tree Services, Inc. – Stump Removal

When you need a stump removal company in Miami FL, you can rely on Discount Tree Services, Inc. Because two different sets of equipment are required for tree removal and stump removal, not every tree removal company will have the capability to remove the stump and others may not even tell you they are two different jobs. With our emphasis on customer service, our professional and courteous crew will always be honest and upfront about our services, the costs and what to expect. When you need a tree stump removed from your Miami FL residential or commercial property, contact Discount Tree Services, Inc.

Tree service companies do not always have access to the equipment necessary to remove a stump and may recommend a different company for stump removal. At Discount Tree Services, Inc. though, our experienced and professional crew have the tools and machines on-hand to remove a stump safely and effectively and removing the tree.

There are two ways to remove a stump from your yard. You can either have it fully removed from the ground including the roots or have the stump grinded down below the surface. Discount Tree Services, Inc. offers both these services and we would be happy to answer any question as well as provide a complete estimate for whichever process you prefer.

The methods for providing stump removal and stump grinding are quite different. Stump removal is simply that – removing the stump. Stump grinding though uses specific equipment designed to literally grind a stump down piece-by-piece until the top portion is completely below the ground. Our crew will then smooth the area over the stump and fill it with dirt, top soil and grass seed, or plant a new tree so your property looks great. Belowground, the remainder of the stump naturally rots away.

Sometimes, people will want to leave a tree stump in their yard as oppose to removing it or grinding it. The reasons are varied. Some want the stump for decorative purposes while others prefer not to spend the money on removal. A stump will slowly rot away naturally over time but, depending on the climate conditions, the type of wood, if chemicals are used, and other factors, the time it takes will vary from a few years to a few decades.

Unless you want to have a stump in your yard for decorative purposes, we highly recommend that the stump be removed.

Stump Grinding In Miami FL

Discount Tree Services, Inc. has the experience, capability and necessary equipment available for stump grinding. We keep our tools and machines maintained to the highest standard so they can be ready and operational when a customer requires stump grinding. The process of stump grinding involves placing the machine over the stump which then grinds it down until the stump is below ground level. Compared to stump removal, stump grinding is very cost-effective and an easy way to rid your property of unsightly stumps. It also is better for the environment than using chemicals to speed up the rotting process.

Call Discount Tree Services, Inc. for stump removal in Miami, Florida, and see why so many area residents choose our company for their tree service needs. We have a highly-trained, certified and insured crew that will safely remove or grind down the stump on your property. If you are considering stump removal, we are happy to visit, provide you with your options and submit an estimate. Our estimates include the final cost of stump removal and stump grinding so you know what to expect to pay upon completion with no hidden or additional fees.

For reliable tree services from a locally owned company, call Discount Tree Services, Inc. We are available for all of your tree trimming, tree removal and stump removal needs.

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